Thinking About Being An Entrepreneur

Written by on September 26, 2017

Thinking About Being An Entrepreneur

Written by: Turjemia Flowers


If you’re truly wanting to succeed at being an entrepreneur, you have to understand the drive
and determination of actually being entrepreneurial. You should begin by preparing yourself,
writing out a plan, and taking action. First, you should understand there is a difference between
branding and marketing. A brand represents a product or service that connects with consumers.
Marketing is promoting or selling products or services. Your brand is the design, logo, name,
slogan, or idea of your business. Good advertising consists of teaching and educating the
consumer about your products and why they should purchase from you. With the right
marketing tools, it will influence the consumer by convincing them to buy your products over the
competitors.The key is knowing who your target audience is, and also learning how to reach
them. You can also do this by promoting your products or services to different audiences in
newspapers, magazines, the Internet, film, radio, television, and other mediums.
Radio guest and creator of the “Sister Wives Club,” Koereyelle, enlightened our “Girl Power
Hour” audience with her expertise by explaining how she utilized Shopify. She created a
profitable business, gained entrepreneurship, and successfully built her brand by teaching a
webinar titled “How I Made $56k with Shopify.” You may follow her social media page
@Koereyelle on Instagram.

Also, Comedienne and host of a daily talk show, “Sister Circle,” Kiane Dancie, recently
interviewed on “Girl Power Hour” with host, Maria Wills. She openly expressed her own personal
journey as a stand up comedienne. Initially, she was supposed to pursue a college education,
however, it wasn’t until she realized her own greatness by getting out of a toxic relationship.
That’s when she took on an ‘ambitious attitude’ and continued to chase her goals. It goes to
show that matter what your circumstances are, you can be successful at pursuing your dreams
if you truly believe you can. You can start by educating yourself, learning your market, and
getting to know your target audience. By taking the proper steps, your business, product, or
service will expand into profitable growth.

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  1. Michelle Alexander   On   September 29, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Great information; as a budding entrepreneur I really appreciated the uplifting comments and positive outlook while progressing forward. We all need that shot in the arm as we go through this journey and sharing on this platform how other women entrepreneurs make it through the daily grind is awesome. Thank you to you Jae and to the contributors to this article.

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