‘The Graduates ATL’s’, Niya Skyy, Talks Girl Power & Pushing the Culture Forward

Written by on November 2, 2017

Written by: La’Janee’ Alford

The Graduates ATL is a web series that follows six HBCU graduates (Ashely Maltbia, Herberto ‘Berto’ Horne, Jaaion Barnes, Jarrett Arrington, Niya Skyy, and Mia ‘Mimi’ Johnson), as they navigate their lives through entrepreneurship.

I had the privilege of chatting with Niya Skyy, PR practitioner and owner of Skyy Level Media.


We spoke about girl power and using her influence to push the culture forward.

Peep the interview below.

Meeting her cast members:

The first episode where we’re out at the restaurant was my first time meeting all of the cast members. Prior to that, we did not know one another.

On cast member, Ashley Maltbia, promoting Black woman independence:

She promotes being an independent Black woman and I love it. She gives me feminism. She’s not super judgmental; she’s just outspoken. Everything she talks about will be centered around being a strong black woman. She’s a really, really sweet girl.

On Girl Power:

I don’t think I’m a feminist, but I’m real big on girl power. My whole staff is full of women. I believe women can work together, depending on the people. I love working with women and really believe in uplifting one another.

On Black Music Mogul Brunch:

This is the second year for Black Music Mogul Brunch. These are people who have put in work for decades and have pushed the culture forward as Hip Hop survivors.

She continued:

Hip Hop was just voted top genre of music. These people are responsible for it surviving. For instance, Deb Anteny is responsible for Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane,and Waka Flocka. These people are dedicated to advancing our culture through music, but they may not always be recognized.

One active way she plans to push the culture forward:

Starting a mentorship program for women who want careers in media, PR, and entertainment. You are never fully prepared until you’re thrown in the work field. I would like to prepare young women who are in the same field as me.

For more of the conversation, click here. Follow Niya @niya_skyy to keep up with the budding entrepreneur.



Catch episodes of ‘The Graduates ATL here.

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