The Single Loft’s “A Night of Hope” Event

Written by on December 4, 2017

Written By :  Duntenia Fitts


Over the holiday week I attended The Single Loft , “A Night of Hope”. The message of the evening was focused on living on faith and thriving in singleness. The atmosphere was filled with like-minded individuals, music, vendors, and great food! The event was hosted by founder of Embrace Your Singleness, Collette Crayton (@Iamtrulybless). I myself being a single Christian woman in Atlanta, didn’t really know what to expect. On the way to the event,  I was in my head about what type of people would be there, will there be all of these single bible thumpers who desperately want to be married, or will these be people who are just there to “catch”? I must say I was pleasantly surprised!!

The special guest speaker was Fallon Bonner, a woman who tells her story, who is also an author. What really shocked me was the male panelists which consisted of single God fearing men, not because they were God fearing gentleman but because of the knowledge they possessed of not only life but in spirituality. Now I am not out and about a lot but I hear women often speaking of what’s not out there but clearly they are and just waiting for us to get it together! When I say get it together I don’t mean with our occupations or appearance or even just our hearts, I mean having that divine spiritual relationship with God! You cannot fool real men of God, they’ve seen it all. Ok, so let me give you the name of the panelists ( and don’t go sliding in the dm’s talking about you need prayer lol)

Pastor Adrian Davis @adriandavisnow
Jay Barnett @kingjaybarnett
Pastor Gabe Harper @revgharp
Minister Michael Upshur Jr. @mikeupshur

This panel was so refreshing because there were 4 different men of God who had 4 different outlooks on what they wanted in the woman of God to spend the rest of their lives with. Which told me there is always someone for everyone. What they all agreed on is a woman must know who she is and what her purpose is. This was very important to them(which this should be important to women also), knowing who you are and what your purpose is important because you can’t go with anyone if they don’t even know where their going.

This event was so refreshing and once again strengthened my faith in not only relationships but purpose as well.

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