Deshuna Spencer Launches “Kweli TV” a Netflix for Black Filmmakers

Written by on March 14, 2018

Deshuna Spencer Launches “Kweli TV” a Netflix for Black Filmmakers

By: Turjemia Flowers


Watch undiscovered, award-winning documentaries, indie films, as well as web shows of the global black community on Kweli TV. Subscribers can also watch Kweli TV on the web or via Roku, Google Play or Apple TV. There are presently over 200 titles on the platform, a little over 2000 paying subscribers, with an annual membership which costs $49.99/year. Kweli TV aims to be the go-to streaming media platform for black filmmakers all over the world. It gives them an opportunity to share their content and make money from its distribution. Kweli TV wants to be a source of authentic storytelling of the black community from the black perspective.


“There are a lot of really great filmmakers out there globally,” says Kweli TV founder DeShuna Spencer. “For us, we’re offering an avenue for filmmakers of color to make money off of their work and be celebrated for the work they do.”


Kweli, which means “truth” in Swahili, aims to tell all sides of the black experience. In order for content to be featured on Kweli TV, the the main character needs to be of African descent and “not the sidekick, the friend of the fairy godmother,” Kweli TV founder DeShuna Spencer says. “The black person has to be the main character.”


Deshuna Spencer launched Kweli TV because she was looking for something to watch on television six years ago when she became fed up with the limited selection of black programming and films. She decided to take matters into her own hands by creating a platform specifically for black filmmakers.


“It really just started from my desire to want to see more authentic stories from the African Diaspora,” she explains. The idea originated out of boredom. After experiencing complete dissatisfaction with the current state of black television, Spencer had decided to do her research. She discovered there is a huge market for people wanting to see more quality and diverse representation of color.


“Anyone can watch the content, it’s for everyone, but we’re unapologetically Black about what we’re doing,”Spencer says.


The goal of Kweli TV is to support and show the true culture of the Black community, the content is for everyone to enjoy. It broadens access to Black filmmakers and programming around the world.

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