LOFTP (Life Of The Party): A Hot New Podcast In Atlanta

Written by on May 17, 2018

LOFTP (Life Of The Party)

A Hot New Podcast In Atlanta

By: Turjemia Flowers



Loft P (Life Of The Party) has launched season two of its YouTube Podcast. Viewers can tune in every Wednesday on YouTube at 7pm EST, as the co-hosts will cover the hottest and latest topics in entertainment, sports, entrepreneurship, fashion and lifestyle. The Loft P is a Podcast which goes behind the scenes with artists, actors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, locally and internationally. Indulging in unfiltered conversations while sharing realistic opinions, honest critiques, and raw ideas among the guests as well as the co-host(s) are the epitome of what makes a great urban show. The co-hosts are: Mila, Steve Lu, Trey and S.K. ( a/k/a What Winners Do) and they like to keep the atmosphere fun and adventurous while chatting with guests on the show.


I was invited to go behind the scenes at Loft P (Life of the Party) to get the latest scoop, and I spoke to the co-hosts, as they shared their own individual perspectives about the culture of the podcast.


“Our podcast is unique because we stress on having a good time and good flowing energy because we’re not trying to pressure nobody or get all of the dirt of what’s going on in their life,” say S.K. (a/k/a What Winners Do). “If you’re on our podcast, it means you’re dope because we’re dope, and we just want to have dope conversations.”


“Loft P (Life of the Party) represents everything that’s going on in pop culture,” says Steve Lu, one of the co-host(s).


“We also throw a lot of parties here (at Loft P), we recommend our guests go and r.s.v.p on the website, or follow us on Instagram because it’s always up to date with the latest and current events,” says Trey.


Mila, who is also a co-host of Loft P, says, “My favorite moments on the show, I actually interviewed a some chefs and food critics, I love to eat.”


To watch fully playable podcast episode, visit For more information, visit the official website: and follow Loft P (Life of the Party) on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Episodes of season two is available today on with new episodes dropping every week on Wednesdays at 7pm EST.

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