5 Things We Walked Away With After Attending Blavity & 21 Ninety’s Summit 21

Written by on June 14, 2018


When black women come together, beautiful things happen. After attending Blavity and 21 Ninety’s Summit 21, I walked away feeling on top of the world. I listened in awe as women that look just like me express how they pushed past their fears and accomplished the impossible. Ashley Blaine, Robin Thede, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Latham Thomas, and Morgan DeBaun are all testaments that anything is possible if you persevere. Here are five things every woman walked away after attending Summit 21.


“Comparison is the thief of Joy.” – Kéla Walker

Be honest, how many times have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram and Facebook secretly wishing for the next woman’s body, house, car, relationship, or life. At some point, we’ve all found ourselves in this predicament. What we fail to realize is this, Instagram and Facebook are just for show. Who would actually advertise on Instagram that their rent is past due or their lights are being turned off. No one! The moral of the story is this, don’t compare yourself to anyone. We’re all are fighting our own battles, whether or not we choose to publicize it on social media. Focus on who God is calling you to be. You can’t and won’t win your race if you’re too busy focusing on the person beside you.


“The energy of love surrounds me. The energy of love enfolds me. The power of love protects me. The presence of love is within me.” – Latham Thomas

The atmosphere of Summit 21 in conjunction with the aura of Lathan Thomas created a safe haven for every woman in attendance. In the mere 15 seconds, it took Lathan to recite that affirmation; the power of love literally enfolded every woman in the audience. Imagine waking up every morning and feeling that way because of words you spoke into existence. I encourage every woman to wake up in the morning and recite this affirmation to them self in the mirror. You have to believe you are loved and worthy of unconditional love.


“You can’t live at your highest frequency if you are not doing what you were sent here to do.”    – Ashley Blaine

What are you willing to sacrifice for your dream; your credit, friendships, relationship, or the shoes that just went on sale? Dear White People actress Ashley Blaine said something that really hit home for a lot of women, “You can’t live at your highest frequency and your highest level if you are not doing what you were sent here to do. So, if that means I don’t pay my AMEX bill on time, fine! Cause you know what can be rebuild, credit. You know what can’t be rebuilt; a spirit that feels they never fulfilled their purpose.” Don’t spend the rest of your life in uncertainty, wondering what if. Take a chance now and I mean now to chase your dreams!


“Do it yourself.” – Beatrice Dixon

Founder of The Honey Pot Beatrice Dixon embodies the spirit of a go-getter. Her attitude to do for self, by self, is the reason why her company is the on the verge of taking over the beauty industry. Beatrice stressed this to the audience, don’t sit around and wait for anyone to do anything for you. Do it yourself and learn as you go. Mistakes are inevitable, but at least you took the initiative to do it for yourself. Look at Tyler Perry. If Tyler Perry waited for Hollywood to green light his vision, there would be no such thing as The Haves and The Have Nots and most importantly Madea. You are your biggest cheerleader. You don’t need anyone else to validate your purpose.


“You express your dreams to them and they express their fears to you.” – Robin Thede

Growing up, my mother always said, “Everybody doesn’t need to know your business”. Ten years later, I realize she hit the target dead on the mark. Everybody you come across doesn’t have to know your dreams and aspirations because for starters God didn’t place those dreams and aspirations on their heart. Because of this, I’ve learned all advice isn’t good advice. Be wary of who you take advice from. If you don’t admire what that person has or respect their outlook on life, why take advice from them? Sometimes, it’s best to keep things to yourself because people will try to do two things, deter you from your dreams or two, try and convince you that your dreams are invalid.



As you carry on with the rest of your day, keep this in mind, “You don’t just survive, you thrive.” Having a winner’s mind set is the key to living out your dreams.



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