#Herstory feature: Kimberly Charday from Atlanta, GA

Written by on September 11, 2018

This week on #Herstory we are featuring Kimberly Charday from Atlanta, GA.


Written By: Kierra Si’Mone

Tell us your story?

I grew up in a single parent house hold without a father present and involved. I have had my share of both the impoverished and middle class lifestyle. I’m from New Orleans where you don’t have much materially, but love and family suffice for whatever it is you lack. Being raised in Atlanta has shaped me into who I am and has played a major role in my perspective on life. College graduates weren’t prominent in my family, so academic achievement was always a goal of mine. Although, no silver spoon was ever provided for me, my ability to be driven and hardworking has continuously helped me to persevere through all things life has thrown at me. No status of mine beats the journey endured to ultimately accomplish my goals. I am the oldest of 12 and everything I do is essentially to create a better world and life for my family. I have struggled with many things from low self-esteem, financial illiteracy, to the entrapment of my own fears. I am not always open but when I do allow myself to be vulnerable I love hard. I am just a girl in a big world willing to share her story to inspire others and create as many opportunities for women all across the world to become their best selves in every way.

Who or what inspires you?

My inspiration comes from many places! I would have to say the biggest inspirations to me are people like Sarah Jakes Roberts; using major platforms to not only inspire, but also create opportunities for the generations behind them

What does HerStory mean to you?

Her story is my stamp on the world. It’s literally my journey at life being shared to inspire and uplift someone else. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are trying to accomplish we forget to look around to help others on the way. Her story to me shows the original authenticity, and trueness of an individual. It highlights the uniqueness of how I differ from others but can also help, inspire, or motivate someone else. I am HER, and this is my story.

Thank you Kimberly. If you would like to be featured on #HERstory email gphradio.intern@gmail.com

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