#HERStory Feature: Kyla Lurry from GA

Written by on October 4, 2018

#HERStory Feature: Kyla Lurry from GA

Written By: Kierra Si’Mone 

Tell us your story

I am not your average woman and I like to think of myself as a success story! From surviving child hood sexual abuse from ages 9-13, overcoming teen pregnancy at 17, divorce & homelessness at 24 and a violent rape all within two months after my divorce I understand the adversities of life. However, through mind renewal, hard work, and working through my inner struggles, I have been blessed beyond measure! I’ve obtained my doctorate, rebuilt my home & family life, and turned my passions into a six figure business. My story is a story of survival but that in which demonstrates that we are not our circumstance – we are our decisions!

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by art, the modern day art. It’s sometimes so abstract, messy etc. but yet beautiful. in regards to people, I am inspired by anyone that has overcome adversity! It takes a lot to push forward and for that – I am always moved by those that have overcome!

What was (is) the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Overcoming life.. I’ve been knocked down and violated many more times than I desired or want for anyone. I’ve had to really deal and face life and people. It’s tough but worthwhile once you learn the lesson.

What does HerStory mean to you?

It’s really demonstrating that behind every successful woman is a story! We all have one, it matters how we respond to them. Her story to me means each women defining her life beyond her story.


Thank you Kyla. If you would like to be featured on #HERstory, please email gphradio.intern@gmail.com

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