On Sundays We Brunch!

Written by on June 14, 2019

Written by: Krystal Ketcham

EDEN Body Works proves Sundays are meant for self care, brunch, and conversations with boss women!

In conjunction with Summit 21, EDEN Body Works hosted its first brunch with EDEN, an intimate brunch overlooking skyline park. Upon arrival guests were greeted by gift boxes filled with EDEN’s newest collection, papaya castor.

Women from various fields gathered in excitement to not only marvel in each other’s magic, but hear the stories of women fearlessly dominating the beauty industry: Jessica Lawrence the founder and CEO of Eden Body Works, Rachel Roff owner and CEO of Urban Skin RX, and Beatrice Feliu Espada founder and CEO of the Honey Pot Company.

The room grew silent as guests soaked up the trials and tribulations of each panelist journey. Each panelist embodied the word perseverance. Running a fortune 500 company may seem glamorous, but the perseverance and dedication it takes to run a company isn’t. Each woman stressed the importance of self-care and giving yourself the occasional pat on the back.

EDEN’s Body Works CEO, Jasmine Lawrence, left guests with words that fueled her throughout her journey in the hopes it would resonate with someone. She said, There are two types of people in the world. There are farmers then they are Vikings. Vikings have an insatiable appetite for discovery. They find happiness in exploring and conquering new territory. Farmers on the other hand, are visionaries. They find solace
in the process of transformation and nurturing.” Her words left women pondering, am I a Viking or farmer?

To end the afternoon, each guests left with new faces to add to their girl tribe and a champagne bag filled with products owned by women dominating the beauty industry.

Some of the products included: The Lip Bar, Makeup by Sparkle, The Honey Pot, Urban Skin RX, and, Mischo.

For more on EDEN Body Works please visit, edenbodyworks.com.

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